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Machining Services

Machining Services

L.P.G Engineering Services excels in Lathe Machining, Milling, Boring, Line Boring, Precision Grinding, Slotting, Broaching, Shaping, and Linear Planning. Our expertise ensures precise and top-notch quality across diverse machining processes, meeting the highest industry standards with excellence.

Lathe Machining

Lathe Machining is the cornerstone of precision engineering at L.P.G Engineering Services. Our timeless lathe machinery, coupled with over two decades of expertise, delivers exceptional results. Meticulously cutting, shaping, and drilling with unwavering accuracy, we specialize in crafting precisely turned components tailored to unique design needs. Versatility in handling materials and components up to 1524mm in diameter and 4260mm in length makes us the preferred choice across diverse industries. Our lathe machining sets new benchmarks for mechanical precision, quality, and innovation, showcasing our unwavering commitment to mechanical excellence. Machining Services Colombo

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Our Milling Services, spanning Horizontal and Vertical Milling, showcase mechanical precision and versatility. Operated by highly skilled machinists, our advanced machines meticulously shape materials, creating complex components aligned precisely with your specifications. What sets us apart is adaptability—we work with metals, composites, producing precise components for diverse industries. Beyond technical excellence, our milling breathes life into mechanical concepts, consistently setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation, meeting your requirements with unwavering precision and expertise. Machining Services Colombo

Boring and Line Boring

L.P.G Engineering Services’ Boring and Line Boring Services exemplify precision and efficiency. Our advanced equipment and skilled machinists ensure utmost precision in boring processes, specializing in components like shafts and bearings. Line boring, aligning holes in a straight line, expertly maintains machinery alignment, reducing wear and extending component lifespans. Additionally, our capabilities extend to automatic bore welding, a cutting-edge process that combines precision welding with bore repair. Our adaptability to various materials sets new benchmarks for quality and innovation in machining, ensuring top-notch component craftsmanship.

Precision Grinding

Our Precision Grinding includes Surface and Cylindrical Grinding, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. These processes achieve tight tolerances, ensuring precise alignment with specifications. Surface Grinding produces flawless finishes, while Cylindrical Grinding creates precise shapes for diverse industries. Adaptable to various materials, our services consistently set new benchmarks in mechanical engineering, materializing visions with unparalleled precision and excellence.

Slotting and Broaching

L.P.G Engineering Services’ Slotting and Broaching Services exemplify precision and versatility in machining. Slotting meticulously creates slots and intricate shapes, while Broaching removes material for complex internal shapes. Adaptable to various materials, our services consistently set new standards for quality and innovation, ensuring unparalleled precision.
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Shaping and Linear Planning

Our Shaping and Linear Planning Services exemplify precision and versatility in the machining industry. Shaping creates contoured surfaces and profiles, while Linear Planning achieves flat and straight surfaces. Operated by skilled machinists and equipped with advanced machinery, these services set new standards for quality and innovation, transforming design concepts into mechanical realities.

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